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Our Passion for Photography!

Fun Facts About Us!

Favorite means of transportation - Flip-flops!
We love to laugh & enjoy every moment to the fullest!
We both are crazy about shoes!
We got engaged in our favorite city — Chicago!
We both have traveled around the world!
We are Canon lovers & own only full frame cameras!
Rocking your world is what we're all about!

We are Chicago based destination wedding photographers!
We have photographed weddings on all four sides of the USA and many places in between!
Photography by Britton was started in 2005!
We have photographed Internationally, New Zealand & Mexico to date and the list keeps growing!
We are beach freaks!
Pasta lovers all the way!

We love people and are passionate about marriage! Life is such a beautiful adventure, isn't it? Erika and I are crazy in love and have been married since August 2011... and we are loving it! Being married to your best friend really is even better than you will ever be told it is. And yes, those who say things like, "marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be," are nuts! And if you are a bride-to-be, congratulations on making the best decision ever by saying "yes!" Now you can start living the dream that you have been longing and destined to live... together!
Erika and I met while working at a ministry's headquarters in Oak Brook IL. It wasn't till about four and a half years of just being friends with her and her family that I realized Erika was way more than a great friend who I loved to be around. I can't even begin to write how amazing it all was to suddenly realize my beautiful friend Erika was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
Together as a married couple, we photograph weddings with more passion than ever before. We only have one life to live and everyday is truly our best day as we glorify the Lord and serve others with our passion of photography.